Because your backup plan doesn’t have a failure tolerance

Help your Generator Run Smoothly

The maintenance of your power generator isn’t just about keeping the warranty intact, it’s also about helping the unit run well for as long as possible.

Power generators are often overlooked by their owners because they aren’t always in use. Yet, it’s important to keep maintenance up to date so they work exactly as they should at the moment you need them.

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Preventive Maintenance

Maintenance is the way you keep your backup generator running so failures are caught and prevented from happening when you need your generator the most. We see people let the unit sit for three years without changing the oil then get surprised during the first outage when it either wouldn’t run or blew up from oil breakdown. The viscosity of your oil breaks down over time and in the midwest, extreme heat and cold weather play havoc on your unit outside. Water builds as condensation inside the unit and starts to break the oil down.

We also see battery connections that go bad. Mice and other rodents that make nests and homes in your backup generator. Getting signed up for our preventive maintenance plan makes your generator run at its full potential and last for years to come. You bought the generator to make sure you had reliable power so don’t let it fail you because you neglected the basic maintenance it needs to run properly. The first outage could be a three week outage so making sure your generator is ready is our number one priority.

We Stock Reliable Repair Parts

Use genuine Generac parts on your Generac generator for the best results. We offer air and oil filters, as well as maintenance kits for all the models of our generators.  Need help figuring out which parts you need? Call us anytime and we’ll help.

We are prepared for breakdowns and keep in contact with the factory to have a steady supply of repair and maintenance parts. We try to keep your uptime at maximum and not leave you without a working generator for weeks while waiting for parts. We also keep some older units for obsolete parts that you can't find anymore. If we can keep your older unit running we will as long as possible. With access to more parts than any other dealer in the area.

Straight from the Source

There is no better place to get Generac parts for a Generac generator than through us. We’ll ensure you get the exact part you need at a fair price. 

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