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So you know that you want a backup generator and have done your research on all the brands and types. You are ready to get this generator installed and find out that no one can help you with the install. The electrician says he has done them before but won't call you back on pricing. He also wants you to get a plumber or HVAC contractor to do the gas piping. You have called around but no one seems to want your business. In frustration, you simply put it on the back burner and then the power goes out again. Don’t let this happen anymore, Generators For Sale will take care of the whole installation process. Generators are not "something" we do, IT IS ALL WE DO!

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The installation of power backup generators should only be done by seasoned professionals who know how to install them safely and efficiently. You can count on us to take care of the entire installation process. Generators are all we do, and we’re the best at doing it.

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Electrical Connections


Every electrical connection must be right when it comes to power backup generators. Otherwise, things will quickly go wrong. Open and loose neutrals, bad grounding and phasing issues can surge or destroy your expensive appliances and household devices.

Only clean power keeps these sensitive devices running and without premature wear and tear or irreparable damage. We’ve seen this happen, so we go through extensive training to ensure your installation is done safely and to code.

The last thing you want is for your backup system to fail and cause more damage than good.

Gas Connections


Other, less experienced installers may not fully understand the demand a gas generator places on your gas line. Without proper installation, it’s possible for a gas power backup generator to function at full capacity.

That’s why we ensure the gas power backup generator’s installation is done properly, with enough available gas to run when needed.

Engine Considerations


Credible installers know that motor considerations are a must when they install power backup generators. Installation must take place in an optimal location, free from anything that might make it overheat or encounter other problems that may cause maintenance and warranty issues.

Inexperienced installers may promise to save you money, but they might also cause a carbon monoxide problem within your home or building.

Our installations are designed to help the backup power generator run as safely as possible, for as long as possible.

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