Generator Warranty


We know there are 2 kinds of mechanical parts: the ones that are broken and the ones that are about to break. Wait I know what your saying” You told me this thing was reliable and was a great generator!” I did but nothing in life is 100% foolproof. So when you have a problem you want to make sure that it is covered. Most air cooled units have a 5 year warranty and liquid cooled have 2 years. You can buy extended warranty coverage which is not a bad idea. The biggest thing is knowing that the person you are buying the unit from has a certified technician on staff that can actually work on the unit he sold you. We have had to fix many issues on units that installers did wrong and actually voided the manufacture warranty. From gas to placement and just plain not knowing how to hook it up, we have fixed it all. We have specialized training from the factory that helps us keep up to date with the latest technical bulletins. New units come out to replace older designs and we keep up with the old and new.


We are prepared for breakdowns and keep in contact with the factory to have a steady supply of repair and maintenance parts. We try to keep your up-time at maximum and not leave you without a working generator for weeks waiting for parts. We also keep some older units for obsolete parts that you can't find anymore. If we can keep your older unit running we will as long as possible. With access to more parts than any other dealer in the area.

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