Looking for a generator installer?

So you know that you want a backup generator and have done your research on all the brands and types. You are ready to get this generator installed and find out that no one can help you with the install. The electrician says he has done them before but wont call you back on pricing. He also wants you to get a plumber or HVAC contractor do the gas piping. You have called around but no one seems to want your business. In frustration you simply put it on the back burner and then the power goes out again. Don’t let this happen anymore, Generators For Sale will take care of the whole installation process. Generators are not something we do, BUT ALL WE DO.

Electrical Connections


Your generator is creating the electricity that runs all the appliances, furnace, TVs and anything else you may have on your backup system. If you don’t make all the connections correct you can actually blow up all the critical devices that you were trying to keep on. Open and loose neutrals, bad grounding, and phasing issues can surge or destroy your expensive appliances and devices. Only clean power will keep all these sensitive devices running and not cause premature wear and tear or end of life. We have seen this happen and go through extensive training to ensure that your install is done to code and safe. The last thing you want is for your backup system to fail and cause more damage than good.

Gas Connections


So you have a good location for your generator installation and gas pipe close for a oven or gas grill. Life is great and you get your generator installed and use the same line. Then in the first power outage your generator stops and wont stay running. You generator is like a car. The more demand you need the more gas you need. We find this problem many times as many HVAC and plumbers that make the connection do not realize the demand of a generator. Sometimes your generator can use 3 times as much gas as your furnace and you only piped it with a line that would feed a fire pit. Needless to say we make sure that your generator installation has enough BTU to stay running even under major load demands.



So your generator has either an air cooled or liquid cooled engine. The motor works great brand new but does your installer do any of the mechanical work on the motor? Why, because he may be installing your backup system in a location that will overheat, get vapor lock, or have other issues that will cause maintenance and warrantee problems down the road. You may save a little money upfront but when your backup generator doesn’t work, then what is your next plan? Make sure that your installer works on generators and knows why placement and location can extend the life of your generator and be safer than having carbon monoxide poisoning from engine exhaust.

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